How Temp-A-Start saves fuel, increases mileage before an overhaul, and reduces maintenance costs.

Fuel Savings:  Depending on ambient temperature, a Temp-A-Start controlled truck will idle up to 80% less,  producing a                                      

similar reduction in fuel costs. 

Increased Mileage Before Overhaul:  An engine at normal base idle (in the low heat) range at 600- 700RPM is creating                                    

anywhere from 45- 75% of the engine's total wear. In a study by Argonne Laboratory for the DOE, an engine   idling at 1500 hours per year would require an overhaul two years sooner than if idling time had been reduced.

Reduced Maintenance Costs:  Temp-A-Start maintains the manufacturers'  fast idle RPM automatically.  This in turn                                      

maintains recommended engine heat levels.  There will be no more excessive build up of sludge, acid,         carbon deposits, and other engine eating contaminants.  

  • Maintains driver comfort
  • Eliminates unnecessary idling
  • Engine wear & oil contamination minimized due to elimination of excess idling
  • Better fuel mileage through significantly reduced idling
  • No additional complicated moving parts
  • Eliminate service calls for dead batteries and trucks that won't start
  • Extremely easy to use
  • No additional complicated moving parts
  • A 30 year track record of excellence for reliability
  • 24/7 support for questions
  • Built in diagnostics makes trouble shooting and repair fast and easy
  • No preventive maintenance
  • Practical to transfer and install in successor vehicle
  • Less than 5% of the weight of a typical APU
  • Typically pays for itself in six to eight months
  • Thermostat can run diesel fired bunk heater or battery powered air conditioner
Here's what Temp-A-Start can do for you and your business.
     By utilizing Temp-A-Start, drivers and companies profit in a                  number of important ways.

Now, comfort, performance, and durability are integrated in a single, affordable solution.



Automatic start and stop as needed

Works year 'round in hot and cold conditions (as needed) with vehicle heating and air conditioning

Recharges battery to support "Hotel Loads."


Less maintenance

Minimum maintenance (almost no down time).

Extends your oil change intervals, engine and alternator life.

Maintians battery in a ready to go state for reliable re-start.

Utilizes the original wiring of the vehicle.


Less strain on the vehicle

Eliminates cold starts

Recharges your battery to keep it from going dead due to weather or other drains on the battery.

Weighs less than other solutions. On average, Temp-A-Start adds less then 15 lbs. to the vehicle weight. 



Can be transferred from one truck to another.


Cost effective

Typically provides a return on investment.



Temp-A-Start perfoms best because it doesn't introduce any new moving parts into the vehicle's system which maximizes the original manufacturer's design.