Temp-A-Start is an automatic monitoring system for diesel engines that eliminates unnecessary engine idling, saves fuel, increases oil change intervals, saves maintenance costs, and increases your over-all M.P.G.  The latest in Start/Stop technology, Temp-A-Start is the definitive way to control diesel engine idle costs.  Temp-A-Start has been active in the marketplace for 30 years. We are one of the oldest companies devoted to working with the trucking industry to reduce engine wear and fuel costs.  The Start/Stop systems on the marketplace today were born from Temp-A-Start technology.   We continue to set the bar for idle reduction systems. 

A lot of people talk abut cutting emissions. 
Temp-A-Start does something about it.


It's a simple fact, concern continues to mount about how emissions are impacting the environment. No wonder there are so many programs, laws, guidelines, etc. dealing with this important issue.


Current state regulations on idling 


What can the owner of a truck fleet do to reduce emissions, protect the environment, and comply with regulations?


What about adding an APU?


Adding an APU is one alternative, but APUs don't always live up to the claims made about them. And that should come as no surprise. 

Here's why:


  • An APU is just a smaller engine that still has to run, which means it doesn't allow the larger engine to stay warm.  Therefore, a "cold" start is still required - this is where a majority of pollutants come from. 

  • The weight of the APU must be carried around all the time which increases fuel consumption. 

  • The ability to transfer an APU to another vehicle requires fluids to be drained, plus labor to remove and reinstall it.  Life expectancy of the APU may also indicate the need for replacement.

  • Every manufacturer has different warranties and service requirements which makes it more difficult for the operator to maintain the vehicle. Since an APU is another engine to maintain, this requires more time in the shop

  • Estimated claims for APU fuel consumption and emissions have been shown to be arificially low, based on research and customer experience. 

Temp-A-Start has what other companies don't -
a thirty-year track record of reliable service
For three decades Temp-A-Start has been working with private operators, fleet owners, and OEMs to get more out of their investments by using idling eduction technology to:
  • Eliminate cold starts
  • Maintain driver comfort by utilizing vehicle heating and air conditioning.
  • Protect against battery failure caused by electrical drain.
  • Prevent diesel fuel "gel" in cold weather 
  • Automatic shut down feature
How do we do it?
By integrating an automatic control and monitoring system which starts and stops the main engine only when needed.  This creates the perfect balance between performance, quality, emission control, and total cost of ownership- and turns that balance into a competitive advantage. 
At Temp-A-Start, this important idea is not a new one.  In fact, a long time ago we recognized the benefits of reducing engine idling and introduced the market to idle-reduction technology.  We've been improving and refining the process ever since.
If you're looking for a company that can reduce idling time and provide a cost-effective solution that smoothly integrates with the engine and electrical system, take a closer look at us.



Long recognized as the industry leader in idle reduction technology

Are electrical solutions the answer?

Not really.  Electrical solutions require bigger, longer-lasting batteries or the ability to recharge them.  This means that they suffer from the same problems as APUs. Just on a smaller scale.   


There's also been a lot of discussion about creating facilities where one could recharge vehicles or filter emissions, but what is the cost of building, supporting, and maintaining these facilities? In a word....enormous.



Temp-A-Start is a smarter, cleaner choice.

As you can see, when it comes to idle reduction, you have to consider all the facts. When you do, you'll discover that Temp-A-Start can help you reduce emissions and save you money!  You don't have to take our word for it. Compare Temp-A-Start vs. other options and make an educated decision.